Sunday, September 14, 2008

Take time........

Take time to smell the roses. When I was a kid, I never fully understood the meaning of this old saying. Why do I want to stop and smell some old flowers? Now, however, I fully get the meaning. So today was my day to stop and smell the roses. I puttered around the house while the kids were out doing their thing.

I was glad to see my daughter and her friend outside in our garden chasing butterflies and playing with the bugs instead of sitting in front of the television. Leave it to Abbey to find 2 praying mantis' mating. I think they found 4 praying mantis total. Then there was the snail that they played with and named Bob. She came in and asked for some salt at one point. I questioned "Why?" "We want to see what happens when we pour it on the snail" she said. "Not today" I said. "Well then , can I have a jar or something to keep it in?" No, no pet snails, thank you.