Sunday, September 13, 2009

Trip to the Coast

So, what to do on a sunny California day? Head to the coast for a little relief from the sun, the smell of salt air and cypress trees. Drink some coffee and maybe get rained on little. That's exactly what we did. From our home base in Sacramento, we drove 2 hours west toward San Francisco with a slight detour south to Half Moon Bay. First stop was to grab some coffee, a quick bite to eat and then on to the beach.

It was slightly overcast but warm. From Half Moon Bay we headed north toward Pacifica.

How could you pass up a chance to walk the maze someone created from rocks on the beach?

This was the coolest! Click on this picture to enlarge it. Someone carved a whole bunch of marine animals on this tree stump that was washed up onto the beach. Is that crazy, or what?

The beach at Pacifica was loaded with surfers. There were easily 200 people of all ages out in the water surfing. I wish I had taken an over all picture of every one. These were just a few of the surfers.

After leaving Pacifica, it was onward to San Francisco which turned out to be quite crowded. The chocolate festival was going on down at Ghirardelli Square. We walked around, sample some chocolate had some ice cream, got rained on and then headed home. What better to do when stuck in traffic in downtown San Fran, than shoot some pictures out the sunroof.

The daughter shot this one out the back window on the way home. The rain was following us home. All in all a very satisfying day. Nothing super exciting, but definitely better than sitting on the couch all day watching tv!!

Have a great week!!!