Monday, January 25, 2010

A New Cockatiel

Hi Everyone. Sorry I haven't posted in a while, but the weather here in Sacramento hasn't been to good for blogging. 9 days in a row of rain, with seven feet of new snow in the mountains. I'd like to get up to the snow, but I'm waiting for a break in the weather. In the meantime, lots of hanging out at home and spending time with the family.

My post is called a New Cockatiel because we have a new cockatiel. 2 weeks ago, my son Jake went to school, and while waiting for school to start he heard a bird singing. If you have ever owned a cockatiel, you will know that the sound they make is very distinct and recognizable. When Jake heard the bird singing, he looked around and there, sitting in the road in front of the school was a beautiful yellow cockatiel. Jake walked over to the bird and it climbed right up onto his finger. Jake went to the office and called mom to bring a cage to school. At the end of the day, the bird came home with Jake and has joined the family.

Some of you may remember we had 6 cockatiels over the summer. We have since down sized to just one bird, and he had gotten a little lonely on his own. So, this addition has been a nice change for him. We are not yet sure if the new bird is a male or a female, but Poppy and Turbo seem to get along splendidly.

Well, I hope we a get a break in the weather soon. It would be nice to get outside for a change. On a different note, the Girls of The Tattered House have just got back from a trip to Southern California with lots of great stuff. Stop by and check it out if you can. They will be in Alameda as always, the first Sunday of February.

Check back soon for more.......


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The year in pictures

Hi everyone! Sorry for the late post, but our weather here has been really dreary. It's been hard to get out and shoot any pics with the holiday's and the crappy weather. So, I thought I would take look back at the past year, and post some of my favorite pictures. Now, some of these I like for the picture itself and some I like because of the memory associated with the event being pictured.

We had some really cool things take place in 2009. A trip to Florida to see the Grandparents, trips to Pismo Beach, San Francisco, Petaluma and Dillon's Beach. There were lots of outings to the river and other birdwatching sanctuaries as well.

Along the way, we had baby birds born here at the house and by years end, 2 new puppies to join in on the fun.

There are even one or two pictures of The Tattered House, but for the most part it's the family events that were the highlight of the year for me. With life speeding by so fast, it's refreshing to take a look back and enjoy a little of what's all ready happened.

Well, I won't say these are my best pics, but out of the couple thousand I took this year, they are some of my most memorable. Enjoy your week and I'll talk to you soon!