Saturday, May 28, 2011

Westminster Woods

Hello, just got back from a week chaperoning my daughter's 6th grade class on their end of year trip.

Located above Occidental,Ca on the Bohemian Hwy along Dutch Bill Creek, Westminster Woods is in a beautiful redwood forest.

Our cabins where we all slept. Nothing like sleeping with 7 twelve year old boys to keep you on your toes.

One thing all the kids commented on was how good the food was. Pictured below is the chow hall where we ate our 3 squares everyday

This is the soccer/football field where the kids could go in their free time to burn off some excess energy.

They also where able to go swimming every night. And yes, the pool was heated!

Cargo net, another great place to burn off some energy!

Day one started at Shell Beach along PCH 1, just above Bodega Bay. The kids were able to do some tide pooling and then ate lunch on the beach.

Sea Star

Day 2 featured an all day hike which took about 6 hours, was twelve miles long and had a 1000ft change in elevation. The kids learned about the forest they were hiking through and the surrounding flora and fauna.

We even managed to spot a few critters along the way. Scorpions, salamanders and banana slugs were just a few of the creepy crawlies that were found.

Day 3 was spent on the challenge course. Unfortunately it rained that day and I didn't have my camera with me. The kids did get a few pics.

Below is the landing for the zip line.

And some one snapped a pic of me on the cable crossing over to the zip line

My daughter heading over to the top of the zip line

The zip line is just one of the high ropes obstacles the kids did. There also was the "eagles nest" a 20 foot high pole that they climbed and then stood on top of if they could. Harnessed to a rope they could then jump off and try to hit several tether balls as the flew through the air. Fun stuff. There is also some low rope stuff that included problem solving and group participation. It's a great program that the people at Westminster Woods put on. It was my second time going and have to say, I think it's a must for all the 6th grade kids.

On the final day the kids learned about ecology and protecting the earth. They then did some stuff around camp to make it a better place. Planting flowers and creating habitat for the animals that live in the forest and in the creek.