Sunday, August 31, 2008

Humming Birds

I love birds. I love to take pictures of birds. And best of all I love taking pictures of humming birds. This little girl comes by the back yard everyday. She'll get right in your face if your not careful!

I think it's the speed that they fly at that fascinates me the most. Their little wings beat so fast you can't even see them. And when you get 2 or more, they fly through the back yard like a couple of world war 2 air planes in a dog fight. Zipping around trees and poles and people. Climbing straight up in the air and then zooming right back down and around.

We have mostly Anna's humming birds but in the spring Rufus and Black Chinned hummers will show up occasionally. We have a couple feeders in the back yard, so there is always a show.

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