Monday, October 26, 2009

Valley Springs

So I thought I'd share a little of what I did this past weekend with you. A bunch of guys from work and I headed up into the foothills to a little town called Valley Springs. My friend Chuck, has access to a house up there, so we loaded up the beer and left the wives at home. I can't show you all my pictures from the weekend (wink, wink), but I will show you a few of the family friendly ones (lol).

Here is the house and the view - very nice!

We took a little hike down into the valley....

The only problem was we had to hike back up to the house!! (insert the sounds of groans and complaints here) Whose idea was this??? LOL!

Lots of cool birds to see .....

Western Blue Bird

Acorn Woodpecker


Tree frog

Nut Hatch

Male and female Purple Finch

By the Sunday the buzzards were circling, but we all managed to make it home alive!

There ya go. I can tell you alot of fun was had by all, myself included.

Have a great week!!



Jacque said...

You couldn't have been to drunk! the pictures are great... nice touch about the Buzzards.

Anonymous said...

Humm, For a guy's weekend away, the scenery was way too calm,I'm now wondering what really went on on the hill? Well,for you to know I guess,,,Catch ya next week,,thanks for the pics,,