Sunday, November 22, 2009

Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area

With a little free time to myself on Saturday, I recognized a chance to head out to one of my favorite birding spots. The Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area is a very unassuming spot just outside Sacramento on the way to San Francisco. Thousands of people drive over this area everyday without realizing the importance the wetland area plays in the migration and breeding of birds each year. Located along the Pacific Flyway, the Yolo Bypass provides birds traveling from Alaska to Mexico a place to stop and rest.

This time of year doesn't seem to have the large amount of birds that will arrive in the spring to breed. However, there were still plenty of birds to see and it's always nice to be outside a crisp November day. So come along with me as I drive through the wetlands and hike along the levees.

Thanks for checking in, see you next week! :-)



David said...

Looks like a birder's paradise. Reminds me a little of Aransas Wildlife Refuge in Texas, although I haven't been there in years.

Anonymous said...

Wow,you take such magnificent photos,and you really have a talent at all of this! Thanks for the ride,,Enjoy your Thanksgiving,,,Love to the girls,,

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Oh! I wish I have a camera. I love these photos. It’s like looking at national geographic or discovery channel photos. It’s awesome.

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