Sunday, October 16, 2011

Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area 10-16-11

It's always nice when you wanna get away and spend a little time to yourself, to have somewhere to go that's not so far away. One of my favorites is the Vic Fazio Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area. About 20 minutes from my house, it's locate along the Pacific flyway and along Highway 80. After a long dry summer there is much water in it yet, but in another couple of months the entire area will be flooded.

I wasn't sure what, if any birds I would see today, but the Causeway never disappoints. There were a variety of raptors and shorebirds on hand. I also took the dog with me so she could run on the levee surrounding the Bypass.

Remember - if you click on the pic, you can see it full size

It was a great day with just a few high thin clouds. 80 degrees.


Must have been a couple thousand of these guys, they were every where

Still dry is the Bypass, but give it a couple months

A pair of Kites

I guess Mr Redtail Hawk is not allowed in Mr Kite's territory

Mr Redtail hiding out

In the summer, they grow rice in the Bypass. Looks like these guys are parked until next year


White Faced Ibis

Guess I spooked them

Mr and Mrs Kite moved to a better tree

Great Heron

Harrier - taken through the windshield - cruising over the wetlands looking for lunch

Coots and Mallards are always in the Bypass

Pied-Billed Griebe

Black Pheobe

Cattails are blooming



Anonymous said...

I still look forward to your photos! And I loved seeing Chloe,we have her sister,,boy,are they active,,Chloe looks so cute! Thanks for wonderful photography,,You are the best!!

Tina Dodson

Cottage David said...

Oh Man, that's where I need to be instead of here at work!