Sunday, March 25, 2012

1Chloe_dog and her puppies Week 7


Anonymous said...

I'm telling you,,these puppies are adorable! i have followed them each week! We have Lexy,Chloes sister,,so this is too fun,,O'my,how can you even stand it,,are you keeping one,,and what i can't get over is the size,,When we got Lexy/Chloe,,Lexy was like 8wks..and weighed wow,,this is amazing,,

Thanks for sharing!


TheVintageHusband said...

I Tina. All the puppies are sold and went to good homes. We chose not to keep any as we are moving out of state soon and we feel one dog is more than enough! LOL Chloe is etting spayed next week, so there will not be another litter. As cute as they were, boy, they sure were alot of work. I hope things are good for you and Lexi. Take care