Friday, June 19, 2009

Birds of Florida

Well we're back from Florida. Man, what a great time we had! Like every vacation, this one was too short. I definately wanna go back to the Keys again and spend some more time.

For my first post back I wanna share the birds we saw while there. The best part was alot of these photos were taken while sitting on my Mom's back patio.

Wild Monk Parakeets these guys are really noisy and hard to miss when their around.

Brewers Blackbird Female

Brewers Blackbird Female feeding her baby

Double crested commorant

Great Blue Heron (White Morph )

Great Egret
This guy hung around the place we stayed in the Keys looking for handouts!
This momma Green Heron was very busy
Looking for dinner at low tide on the sea wall.
Green Heron perched on the boat
If you look close you can see the 2 baby Green Herons on their nest. This was right across the water from Mom's patio. I took this 2 days after we got there.
The same 2 Green Heron babies 2weeks later, right before we left.
Laughing Gull
Magnificant Frigate Bird (Male)

This osprey managed to get himself some lunch out of the Gulf of Mexico!

Juvenile Osprey waiting for momma to come back.
Brown Pelican.

Brown Pelican nursery amongst the mangroves in Tarpon Bay.

Red Bellied Woodpecker

Royal Tern

Looking rather far away this small Least Tern was another difficult shot to get

Snowy Egret

Parrots. I took this at the Under the Sea park in Islamorada.

White Ibis. Juvenile (brown) and an adult in the neighbors yard.

White Ibis in flight.

White Ibis in Ft Meyers Beach

Yellow Crowned Night Heron walking the sea wall across from Mom's.

My only shot of an Ahingha. This bird swims underwater and spears fish with it's bill

Not as many birds as I had hoped, but it is summer. I had hoped to see some Flamingo's and some Spoonbills over at the Ding Darling park in Sanibel, but no luck. Well there is always next time!

I'll try and put up another post soon.

Have a good one!! :0)



David said...

I think the osprey with the fish is my favorite!

PleasantGirls said...

Welcome home. Great Pix.