Monday, June 22, 2009

The Ragged Edge The Keys Islamorada, Florida

I'm sure by now everyone is tired of hearing about my vacation to Florida. So this is my last post about it, I promise. While in Florida, we managed to get down to The Keys. We only went as far as Islamorada, but we had a wonderful time. Erika found this great place called the Ragged Edge on the Atlantic side of Islamorada. If you ever get to The Keys, I highly recommend this place. It's so Keys-ee (i.e. in the spirt of The Keys)

The view of the Atlantic Ocean from the dock of The Ragged Edge.
Looking back from the dock to the Ragged Edge.
2 of the units @ the Ragged Edge. Very clean and lots of room.

Sunset in The Keys.

If you look close , there is an eel in the center of this picture. This was taken from the dock.
The Ragged Edge has plenty of room to dock your boat.

3 foot Nurse shark cruising the flats in front of the dock @ The Ragged Edge. We saw 4 of these guys as well as tarpon, black-tip reef sharks, barracudas all cruising the flats out in front The Ragged Edge.
School of Mangrove Snappers and Pin Fish also taken from the dock of the Ragged Edge

Mangrove Snapper - see the tooth hanging out of it's mouth.

I caught quite a few of these baby barracuda's from the dock. I hooked a couple 3-4 footers, but with no wire leader they broke me off as soon as I set the hook.

There was a really nice pool. The kids loved it!

If you make it to The Keys you gotta go hand feed the tarpon! The coolest $5.00 you'll ever spend. These guys get up to 6-7 feet long!!! Lay down on the dock and hold the fish near the water. Up comes the biggest mouth you ever saw and take the fish. These guys are wild. They come back everyday to get fed. Unbelievable!! :D

My pictures really don't do it justice. If you've never been to The Keys, please, put it on your must do list. One of my all time favorite vacation spots! You have to see it in person.

Next week look for some pics of The Tattered House. I stopped by this weekend and the shop looks Fantastic, but I didn't have the camera. So, I will make a point of swinging by this weekend and getting those pics to share with all of you.

Until next week, be safe.



David said...

I like the sunset picture! Man, that is a HUGE tarpon!

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

I have enjoyed your vacation pics. And you so remind me of David, identifying everything. Me? I'd say "see the fish and the birds?" haha The details remind me how smart y'all are! Can't wait to see The Tattered House! ~Mindy

Anonymous said...

Wow,,I feel like i went along with all of you,,I loved the sunsets,so beautiful, You sure know the fish,I'm learning so much from your blog,,How did Erica do,any treasures for her? I can't wait to see the Tattered house,,,Thanks so much for sharing,,,